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Who are we?

We are a New York based & London based (2 servers, 1 US server, 1 UK server) Five M Role-Play gaming community. We are here for you gamers to enjoy Role-Playing a realistic New York style/London life, sit back and relax whilst you play on our servers :) We are here to provide a community that is different in every way to other communities out there. What makes us different you ask? Well, we believe every problem has as solution meaning we never give up, what does this have to do with anything, you might be wondering, well never giving up means we will succeed at some point, we will do everything we can to fix a problem we have and not just accept a “good enough, working” solution to any problem in the community. Ok so what else? Well, we also view everything in a different way to others, we see a situation and are able to simulate the outcomes and results from given actions and responses, giving us the ability to make decisions that are not only strategic but 100% the correct and most efficient ones.

Our Goals

Our number one goal is security and safety of our members, meaning that no matter what happens we ensure any data we collect or have of you will be stored securely and fairly with the option at any time to erase it from our servers, any data that we do collect from you will result in you being contacted or told, it will be clearly stated, currently our website does not collect any data from you although we plan to have a new updated site that will act as our community system that will contain all data and community data for your benefit and ease of access, currently though the only data is your steam id and your licenses for fiveM through the server scripts, for in game banning and identifying purposes only. this is just one of many goals we have, we also plan to become the most secure, motivational, realistic and powerful community ever seen, we plan to do this by thinking differently to others using our knowledge to provide the best possible RP imaginable, if we fail we will try again, do not think if we are not yet the most amazing community out there that we never will be, we will continue to grow, continue to strive until one day we brake all odds and live up to expectations you didn’t even realize you had.